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All City Pet Care Veterinary Emergency Hospital

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Given the increase in case-load of emergency cases coming into the clinic, we are enacting a triage protocol to prioritize those cases needing to be seen sooner than others, especially during busy times.

Please review the following chart to determine which category your pet falls into. Our team will help confirm category of care and give you an idea of wait time for that level.

**If the status of your pet changes at any time, please let a staff member know immediately***

True Emergency
 Less Urgent/
Convenient Care
Respiratory distressPersistent/severe vomitingVomiting (2 or fewer episodes)Itch/scratching (mild) 
CollapseAppetite loss for more than 24 hoursAcute diarrhea without vomiting Chronic weight loss
Inability to walk or get upKnown foreign body ingestions causing illnessStraining to defecateChronic illnesses/diseases with no recent changes in condition
Straining to urinate in a male cat or dogForeign body ingestion <2 hours priorForeign body ingestion >2 hours prior with no signs of illnessHair loss
Active seizures/cluster seizure/status epilecticusAggressive coughing without distressBlood in urine/straining to urinate in a female cat/dogRed eyes
Severe trauma (hit by car, animal attack, severe or multiple injuries)Trouble during active labor/illness post birthSmall wounds or lacerations, including broken toenailsStray cat for infectious disease workup
Profuse bleeding from any woundMultiple seizures within a 24-hr period, but not actively seizuringNon-productive cough, but breathing fine otherwiseGrooming
Persistent non-productive retchingDiarrhea paired with vomiting or loss of appetiteSquinting/eye discharge/significantly swollen eyeRoutine anal gland care
Distended abdomenToxin ingestion (chocolate, grapes/raisins, medication)LimpingNail trims
Heat strokeWitnessed ingestion of rat baitMild trauma/single injuryTick removal
EuthanasiaAllergic reaction (facial swelling, hives)A single seizure with full recoveryNew pet checks

Proptosed eyeSevere allergies/ear infection

Special Considerations:

**Certain levels of care may be unavailable during certain time periods based on case load***

***We will always see pets in need of humane euthanasia. ***